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Elevated ASO Titer, no strep symptoms

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I am 44 years old and had arthritis panel bloodwork done a month ago due to sore joints/fatigue. Everything came back normal except the ASO titer. It was at 651.2 UI/mL. The nurse called me and told me to take amoxicillan for 10 days and come back in 2 weeks for a repeat bloodtest. I did, and then the ASO titer came back at 600.5 IU/mL. I went to see my doc and she said she didn't know why I had sore joints and fatigue, that she would refer me to a Rheumatologist. She said she wouldn't worry about the ASO titer, that since I get strep throat at least once a year, that my level of antibodies is probably just high. I am concerned with this answer, and wonder if anyone knows anything about this? The funny thing is, I have not been sick nor have had strep throat this year at all thus far.

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    • I would try to see an Infectious Disease doctor if possible. I had exactly the same problem three years ago, let it continue, and ended up with pericarditis and a lung abscess. The pericarditis came from rheumatic fever from strep (I even had my tonsils out 5 years ago). I then got a lung abscess in the hospital from the pain meds they gave me (I aspirated into my lung because I was over medicated). Once a year strep does not cause levels that high. You need to get on long-term antibiotics before something happens to your heart.

      There are still several doctors that refuse to believe that in this day and age an adult can get rheumatic fever. I had a rheum md and an ID md both tell me it was something else(but they couldn't tell me what). Fortunately, my PCP and cardiologist treated it correctly.

      Good luck!

      #1; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 00:17:00 GMT
    • Thank you so much for your reply. I was beginning to think I was the only one who ever had a really high ASO titer! I will try to see an infectious disease doc. Rheumatic fever is what I am afraid of, especially since I am so sore all over. I do have an appointment with a Rheumatologist on Dec. 1, but I will try to get the other appointment as well. I am glad you are doing better now.
      #2; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 00:17:00 GMT
    • I am 50 with similar symptoms. Migrating joint pain. Started in left knee with no known cause. Moved from joint to joint for months. Frequent fatigue. Then in June several joints at a time were hurting. Doctor ran full blood work. Everything normal except ASO which was 825. He said I had strep in my joints. After 10 days of 2000mg. a day of Pennicillin, and two weeks of waiting, ASO was 707. A week later symptoms worsened dramatically. Low grade fever about half the time. Severe fatigue; couldn't even sweep the floor without braking into a sweat. Severe joint pain. Burning pain in wrists and elbows felt almost like frost-bite. Bed-ridden for nearly two weeks. Motrin under 800mg was inaffective. ASO was up to 818. Two more weeks on Penn. and a month waiting to see Rheumatologist. He says it's not Rheumatic Fever because I'm too old, it's too rare, and my heart is not affected. He did call it Post-Strep Reactive Arthritis. He is recommending long acting Pennicillin shots once a month. It has been another month waiting for a referral to an Infectious Disease Doctor. ASO is currently 727.
      #3; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 00:18:00 GMT
    • Hey everybody.

      I've have an elevated asot for at least a year and a half-- unfortunately, I think it's the cause of my MS-like neuropathy. By the way, an ASOT that is consistently that high is indicative of an autoimmune process.

      I originally had a todd count of 650 (1.5 years ago), but am now down to 330. It seems to plateau every time I'm off of antibiotics. Amoxicillin 500 qid seemed to suppress my autoimmunity for about 6 months, but currently no longer works.

      I would take stronger drugs if I could (but unfortunately have IBD too). You really must insist on something stronger than penicillin or amoxicillin-- despite what the idiot doctors say, Strep can linger, and isn't always killed by 10 days of antibiotics. When my stomach heals up, I'm going to try a cephalosporin/macrolide combination.

      I've also been resourceful and found a nutraceutical compound that seems to lessen my autoimmunity-- n-acetyl glucosamine. Since starting, my ASOT count has been decreasing, whereas before it had simply plateaued.

      Oh yeah, good luck.

      #4; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 00:20:00 GMT